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Our Weigh-Less promise to you

  • You can expect to be met by a caring, friendly, empathetic Weigh-Less Group Leader who has lost weight on the Weigh-Less Eating Plan and can relate to YOUR yearning for a slimmer, healthier you – for life.

  • You will have access each week to Group meetings run by passionate, well-trained Group Leaders who have both the empathy and training to assist you in attaining Goal Weight Membership and staying there for l      

  • You can expect your Group Leader to record your present weight, height and bone structure while asking about your lifestyle (activity levels, social needs, eating requirements, etc).

  • Based on the details above, you can expect to be assigned a healthy Goal Weight to work towards, as well as a Weigh-Less Formula to suit your individual needs and lifestyle.

  • You can expect your Group Leader to be discreet at all times You can expect to be introduced to existing Members who understand your weight loss struggles, because they are, or have been, in the same predicament, providing the opportunity to network with other achievers.

  • You can expect to feel the energy and positive atmosphere that form part of the Weigh-Less weekly Group meetings.

  • You can expect to be invited to stay for the motivational message – given every week, come rain or shine!

  • You can expect to feel motivated to strive towards your personal targets and Goal Weight as your Group Leader talks about the various

  • You can expect to be urged to stay for an explanation of The Weigh-Less Best for You Plan on your first week and every week thereafter if you wish. Take advantage of this by asking questions to clear up any confusion and make sure that you understand everything you need to know about your Eating Plan.

  • You can expect to head home after every weekly Group meeting feeling hopeful and positive about your journey to Goal Weight.

  • You can expect to receive up-to-date news on the latest food products and weight management information via the Weigh-Less Group environment, Group talks and hand outs.

  • As a Weigh-Less Goal Weight Member within your Goal Weight range, you are entitled to weigh-in once per calendar month free of charge at any Weigh-Less Group, so your weight maintenance can be monitored and supported.

  • Most of all, we promise to care!

Why Weigh-Less
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