Donovan Hoffman

Donovan Hoffman

Takes back his life...

and loses 22.6kg


Happy-go-lucky Donovan was not an overweight child, but his unhealthy eating and drinking habits caused him to gain weight in his twenties. The additional weight caused health problems that impacted on his lifestyle, and he couldn’t fully enjoy outdoor sporting activities as he previously did. However with the help of Weigh-Less he has regained his health and body, and now he and his family live a more active and healthier life.

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My care-free past

I have always been happy-go-lucky and free spirited. I enjoyed eating and drinking, and did this without much consideration of what I was doing to my body. However, when I turned 22, my once streamline body had developed a ‘boep’, and although I use the excuse that I had inherited my dad’s genes, I knew that my unhealthy eating habits were to blame. The biggest contributing factor to my weight gain was the drinking at social occasions.


When I got married, my wife, Michelle was fairly content with the way I had been living, and my physical appearance, but in the back of my own mind, I knew that a change was needed. Others did comment on my weight, but my sense of humour allowed me to always have a quick come-back. I didn’t take my health too seriously, because I knew that one day I would make the effort to get back into shape.

My penny-dropping moment

Just before the birth of my first child, I decided to give up smoking. It was important to me because I had tried previously, but never had the willpower. Needless to say my weight ballooned, and as my ‘boep’ steadily grew, I became a bit more conscious of my sagging middle, and my health became more of a concern. My blood pressure started to increase drastically, and I desperately needed to do something about my weight. Although I had tried Weigh-Less in the past, each time I would just revert back to my unhealthy lifestyle.


At my daughter’s third birthday party, we took many pictures and enjoyed all the treats that were on offer. On viewing the photographs of the day, my wife and I were almost unrecognisable, and this was a real eye-opener! After this realisation my wife joined the

Weigh-Less Group at her office and encouraged me to join a Group too. I took up the challenge and joined the a Group in Tableview. We decided on Weigh-Less because past experience had taught us that it is the only weight loss programme that worked for us, and by doing it together made it just that much easier.

Ups and downs

I remember the first week quite vividly. Instead of braaing, we had a balanced meal on the Friday night and carried this through for the remainder of the week. Michelle and I worked out our meals together, and we were truly amazed at the amount of food we could eat. Our daughter also enjoyed the meals my wife prepared, making healthy eating possible for the entire family.


I had a very stressful job, and after much thought decided to resign due to my diminishing quality of life. At this point, I hit rock-bottom because I felt as if I had financially let my family down. I hardly had time to eat properly or exercise; I was a walking, talking heart attack! I had to seriously re-focus my life on living healthily and positively. I couldn’t allow myself to slump back into old habits and risk heart disease or even depression. I challenged myself to continue with Weigh-Less because of the amazing support I received from my wife and Group Leader.


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  • Height: 1.76m

  • Weight then: 110.6kg

  • Goal weight: 88kg

  • Weight lost: 22.6kg

Mountain hiking was a favourite pastime that our entire family partook in, but climbing Table Mountain with excess weight that I could never shake, was tough. I remember the pains in my chest that I experienced when climbing, and how hard it was to breathe, and I often had to take breaks along the way. I had always dreamt of being a runner, but never achieved this due to my bad eating habits, and always feared serious injury. After joining Weigh-Less I started walking every day, and as I shed the kilos, I increased the pace by running. This was my dream come true! I started off walking 2-3km at a time, but eventually was up to 7-8km every day! I also started doing mountain bike trails most Saturday mornings after my weigh-in.


I thought that if I could achieve my Goal Weight, then I could achieve ANYTHING! That’s how much importance I placed on the Weigh-Less Eating Programme. After eight months, I lost over 20kg and achieved my Goal Weight of 88kg. I had reached what I like to think was a ‘point of no return’. From the day on life was simply not the same… instead it was so much better!